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Ding'oing'o- (Noun) [ Dee-ng'o-ee-ng'o ]

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Meaning : Pachnoda sinuata (The garden fruit chafer or brown-and-yellow fruit chafer or African Fruit Beetle)
Use : Ile mti imeshona dingoing'o = That tree is full of African Fruit Beetles
Period: Late 70's
Related to: Animals
Synonyms: -
Spelling variation: Deng'oing'o, Dingoingo, Deengoingo

Area of origin : Unknown
Unknown but could have been named from the sound that it makes.

This specific beetle was an important part of the school holidays for most boys. The boys (and few Tomboyish girls) would tie a string to the beetle's legs and release the beetle.

The beetle would attempt to fly away making that buzzing sound much to the excitement of the children.

The fruit beetle was common because the early houses in Nairobi were built and provision made for fruit trees - this was a common feature in most Indian homes in Nairobi.

Sad to say though, today, Nairobi no longer has any trees, let alone fruit trees.

This game of tying strings to beetles was also common in West Africa

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