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Word of the day zonthe.

Hepi – Party (usually associated with going out)
Word use: Jana niliende hepi = Yesterday I hang out

Marika – Get married
Word use: Ule beste yangu anamarika = My friend is getting married

Mutaratara – Plan, Order, Method of an activity
Word use: Tuseti na mutaratara mapema ndio tujipange fiti = Give us the intended plan in advance so we are better prepared

Blow – Boxing
Word use: alipigwa blow = he was hit (boxed)

Orismo – Christmas
Word use: Esto yondhe ime kacha ocha juu ya orismo = The whole estate has left for up-country for Christmas

Gode – Bhang, Cannabis sativa. Marijuana
Word use: Hao maboyz wako ma gode niaje = Those boys are high on bhang.

Blunje – Twenty shillings
Word use: Oe! si u nione blunje man? = My guy! please give me twenty shillings

Bleki – Blackout (usually after drinking) but can also be used with the connoation of tiredness
Word use: Mus ame bleki kwa kiti = Mus has blacked out on the couch

Ndesaa – Sunday
Word use: Tutameet ndesaa inacome = We will meet the coming Sunday.

Bila – Empty/ Nothing/ Broke
Word use: Uski bazenga analia yuko bila = My dad is claiming that he doesn't have money

Bamba Vi Meja – grip, fascinate
Word use: Manzi wa Mudho ame mbamba vimeja! = Musa is really fascinated by his girlfriend.

Binja – Have sex
Word use: Mato hawezi chukua simu... ana binja = Martin can't pick the call ... he's having sex.

Mbleina – Perenial complainer/Whiner
Word use: Wacha ku kuwa mbleina ... chukua hiyo uende = Stop whining! take that one and leave!

Orako – Practice (usually of a sport)
Word use: Leo hatuna orako juu ya mvua = There's no practice today due to the rain

Ding'oing'o – Pachnoda sinuata (The garden fruit chafer or brown-and-yellow fruit chafer or African Fruit Beetle)
Word use: Ile mti imeshona dingoing'o = That tree is full of African Fruit Beetles

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