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Word of the day zonthe.

Isivi – This way
Word use: Hiyo ndai ina kam isivi = That car is coming this way

Jajiko – Judge (Of the law courts)
Word use: Lazima kusimama jajiko aki ingia kotiko = It is a requirement that all present in court stand as the judge enters the courtroom

Chengerere – Handcuffs
Word use: Kip ame dandiwa na aka tiwa chengerere = Kiptanui was caught and handcuffed

Lolo – Thought to mean Penis but could full well mean anything - context is important
Word use: Monica anapenda lolo = Monica loves dick (sex)

Nyagla – Meat
Word use: Leo naenda kudishi nyagla na mcheti = Today i will eat meat and rice

Jiniko – Jeans
Word use: Nimewai jiniko pale kwa Omosh = I just bought some jeans from Omondis shop

Beema – BMW car
Word use: Voke ana Bima kali sana! = Kelvin has a hot BMW

Riparian Land – A prohibited place
Word use: Uskii keja ya mine leo ni riparian land, yengs ame waka moto = My house is a no-go-zone today, my girlfriend is mad with me

Kwara – Girl
Word use: Na yule kwara amesimama = That girl is fine(hot)

Mnyanyo – Grandmother
Word use: Mnyanyo anaota jua = Grandmother is basking in the sun

Ashu – Ten (Usually of money)
Word use: Oe man! si uni wahi ashu?! = My guy! swing me ten shillings

Beshte – Friend
Word use: Beshte wa mi ana kam = My friend is coming

Bote – Bottle
Word use: Niko na bote kinde za daso = I have ten soda bottle tops

Mwere – Useless person
Word use: Tomah hujidai na kumbe ni mwere - Thomas boasts yet he's so useless

Mraiya – Crowd/ Group
Word use: Ile mraiya iko pasale roteji ndio inaenda stadi = The crowd over there at the bus stop is the one heading to the stadium

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