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Word of the day zonthe.

Chuani – Fifty (Usually of money)
Word use: Fare ya kutoka mtaani hadi tao ni chuani = The fare from my place to town is fifty shillings

Kulola – To have a sight/ to have a look/ to watch
Word use: Ball ndio lazima kulola wikendi = Its a mast io football over the weekend.

Kuchongoa – To roast (in "your mama" jokes)
Word use: Leo naenda kuchongoa Deno = Today I'll roast Dennis

Chapoo – Chapati (Flat bread)
Word use: Mtasis ana pikanga chapoo muta nasa! = My sister makes some really sweat chapatis

Jikata – Leave (from a place)
Word use: Na jikata meeting tao = I am leaving for a meeting in town

Alipewa – 1. He/she was given a drink (usually alcohol)
2. He/she was given sex (though not commonly used)
Word use: 1. Simo alipewa jana design bado ana tuna mpaka saa hii = Simon got so drunk yesterday such that he is still asleep now
2. Jeff alipewa na Lucy = Jeff got some sex from Lucy

Em – A Million (Usually currency)
Word use: You guy the lapi I wanted was going for like an em = The laptop I initially wanted would have cost me a million (shillings)

Doktari – A senior doctor or a nosy, all-knowing person
Word use: Doktari ame sema tuache nyama = The doctor has said we quit meat

Kamare – Gamble
Word use: wasee wanacheza kamare pale kwa street Guys are gambling on the street

Maruge – Old
Word use: Maze jo huyo boy ni maruge niaje?!

Jobiso – Job/work
Word use: Leo nikona syke ya jobiso = Today i am in a mood with my work

Biela – Defecate/excrete/poop/Shit
Word use: Jeff ameishia toile kubiela = Jeff has gone to the loo (to poops)

Wolan – Hold on, Pause (But used in Kenya as a refrain)
Word use: Wolan shatta de! = Hold on and hit/shoot it again

Bwao – Baggy trousers
Word use: Otivo ame vaa bwao = Steve is wearing baggy trousers

Baggy – Oversize trousers
Word use: MC Hammer ana baggy moja jo inaweza tosha wase mbe = MC Hammer's trousers are so large they could fit two people!

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