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Sheng word of the day

Tembea [ Tee-mbe-aah  ]  ( Verb )

Meaning: Go

Use: Tembea sahizi kabla magizani = Go now before it gets at night

Synonyms: Ishia,  Jitoe,  Songa,  Wiz,  weez,  

Antonyms: Muja,  Kuom,  

Meaning clarification: Not to be confused with the swahili word which means to walk

Word rarity: Common

Spelling variations:

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Mchwak – [Noun] 

Meaning: Money

Bogi Benda

- Kenya's Andy Cap – If you can't remember the pyjama stripped-wearing pot bellied man in our dailies of the late 80s and early 90s then you must be from the Y and Z generations....

Lawrence – [ Male ] 
1. Lawi

 Kanyanga nyoka – To miss the ball whi…

 Gonga ukuta – Backfire…

 Kunywa na straw – Engross deeply…

 Mambo mbaya – Deadly Thing…

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