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Sheng word of the day

Antelope [ an-te-lop  ]  ( Noun )

Meaning: Beautiful girl/woman

Use: ume yebi huyo antelope amepita hapa? = Have you seen that beautiful girl that has just passed here?

Synonyms: Supu,  Mtoto,  Totois,  Manzi,  Mresh,  Jada,  Shore,  Mbus,  

Antonyms: Boy,  Mbois,  

Meaning clarification:

Word rarity: Common

Spelling variations:

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Fuaka – [Verb] 

Meaning: Smoke

Choma Diskette

- Burn the discs! – Interesting how form follows function ... back in the day of film technology... the common phrase was "picha imechomeka" ... meaning "the photo has been damaged" ...…

Robert – [ Male ] 
1. Robe
2. Robovski
3. Roba

 Kanyanga nyoka – To miss the ball whi…

 Gonga ukuta – Backfire…

 Kunywa na straw – Engross deeply…

 Mambo mbaya – Deadly Thing…

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