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Sheng word of the day

Mwere [ M-weh-reh  ]  ( Adjective )

Meaning: Useless person

Use: Tomah hujidai na kumbe ni mwere - Thomas boasts yet he's so useless

Synonyms: Tost,  Fala dush,  Ngamwe,  Todhii,  Pimbi,  

Antonyms: Otero,  Janje,  

Meaning clarification:

Word rarity: Common

Spelling variations:

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Mbus – [Noun] 

Meaning: A chick


- ... won't be moved – This word was pushed to the political front by two artistes who today (2016) are not in the music scene any more though they have stayed on air in two radio stations.…

Victoria – [ Male ] 
1. Vickie
2. V

 Kuwa ngangari – Being alert…

 Mabeast wako area – The police are aroun…

 Hamna was – No problem…

 Kupatwa na mchuma – Be found with a gun…

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