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Meaning : A Million (Usually currency)
Use : Kina Denno walikua kwa noma ya mita tatu pale waks = Dennis was involved in a 3 million (shillings) scandal at work
Period: Early 90's
Related to: Counting
Synonyms: MiliEm

Area of origin : Unknown
Derived from the English word "Meter" for unit of measure. This is from the resemblance when values are denoted with the suffixes "M" in counting as well as units of measure, eg 25m

Mita - (Verb) - [ Mee-tah ]

Meaning : Awareness,Alertness
Use : Stano hashiki mita = Stanley doesn't understand (the situtation)
Period: Mid 90's
Related to: Cognisance
Synonyms: Rada

Area of origin : Unknown
Derived from English word "Meter" but borrowed into Sheng from the Swahili radio phrase in the days of the now defunct station, Voice of Kenya (VOK). The phrase, "tuna patikana kwa mitabendi..." (We are found on frequency number...).
This phrase means that one is aware and can understand a situation or instruction.

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