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Meaning : A Thousand (1000) (Usually Currency)
Use : Niko na kapaa yako = I have your (one) thousand shillings
Period: Unknown
Related to: Numbers, Currency
Synonyms: ThaoMoteBrownNgiriTengaBopNdovuBraumbaKibrownNgwanyeBraumbaNgwanyiNgwanyeKavu
Spelling variation: Kapa

Area of origin : Unknown
Spelling variation of the Sheng Word, Kapa

Updated 01 Oct 2019)
Kenya now (2019) has a new 1,000 shilling note after the old one was replaced due to requirements of the 2010 constitution New 1000 Note post Oct 2019

Kapaa - (Noun) - [ Ka-pa ]

Meaning : Shoes (Usually sneakers)
Use : Kapa zamine zimelapwa = My (sports) shoes have been stolen
Period: Mid 90's
Related to: Apparel
Synonyms: NjumuNdula

Area of origin : Calif
Derived from the popular apparel brand Kappa

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