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Sheng word of the day

Baggy [ ba-gi  ]  ( Noun )

Meaning: Oversize trousers

Example usage: MC Hammer ana baggy moja jo inaweza tosha wase mbe = MC Hammer's trousers are so large they could fit two people!

Synonyms: Bwao,  Bwagi,  

Antonyms: Achwiti,  Pipe,  

Meaning clarification:

Word rarity: Common

Spelling variations: Baggie, Bagi

Loan Language: English

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Ocha – [Noun] 

Meaning: Upcountry/rural home/one's ancestral home

Anthony – [ Male ] 

  1. Toni
  2. Anto
  3. Tonidhes
  4. Antonio
  5. Tonito
  6. Tonialas
  7. Toniski
  8. Tonidhe
  9. Tosh

 Tingua keja – To vibe a chick…

 Juu ya mawe – Idle sitting…

 Chini ya maji – Chilling…

 Kukata maji – Drink alcohol…

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