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Sheng word of the day

Mabingi [ Ma-bee-ngee  ]  ( Noun )

Meaning: Rasta men

Use: Wale mabingi wanajiskizia mbagaa = Those rasta men are smoking weed

Synonyms: Madready,  Wanati,  Wanaty,  Warasta,  

Antonyms: Punk,  Box,  

Meaning clarification:

Word rarity: Common

Spelling variations:

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Msepa – [Noun] 

Meaning: A person from the Samburu tribe


- ... won't be moved – This word was pushed to the political front by two artistes who today (2016) are not in the music scene any more though they have stayed on air in two radio stations.…


- Post sexondary education? – This word belies its meaning by a mile…

Harrison – [ Male ] 
1. Harry

 Tingua keja – To vibe a chick…

 Juu ya mawe – Idle sitting…

 Chini ya maji – Chilling…

 Kukata maji – Drink alcohol…

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